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Here's How to Use

1.  Where do you want to go? covers all of Ontario.  Select the areas you want to travel to from our list of filters to start searching.  

fishing destinations

2.  What do you want to catch? covers over 25 species of sport fish for you to choose from.  Pick something you love to catch already or try your luck at something new!

fish species to fish in ontario

3.  When do you want to go?

Winter, Summer, Spring or Fall, knows who is open for fishing adventures and when.

4.  What kind of Accommodations suit your needs best?

Select from a variety of accommodation types so you can have the best trip possible.

fishing places in ontario

5.  What features are important to your stay? has over 20 amenity filters, from Hot Tubs to Guide Services, to help you choose the things that will make your trip extra special.  

ontario fishing resorts
places to fish in ontario

 Click here to learn about the amenities we list in our database.  

6.  How are you getting there?

 Choose a fly in, boat in, train in or drive in adventure.

7.  Hit the Result button and now you have list of resorts, camps, or lodges that meet your needs!

8.  Choose one that interests you.

Click on the address below the name of the place you are interested in to get directions.  Then check out the resort to see if you like it and to book your trip!

Don't Forget!

In Ontario you need a fishing license to fish recreationally.  Getting caught fishing without one is a serious offense and can result in fines and seizure of property among other things. Click here to find a location where a fishing license can be purchased in person.Click here if you would rather buy your fishing license online.

Fisheries Management Zones

In Ontario the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry has divided the province into 20 Fisheries Management Zones or FMZ's.  Each FMZ has specific fishing rules and regulations that vary by waterbody, region, and fish species.  It is critical that you know the regulations for the FMZ you are fishing in.  Failure to follow the rules can lead to fines, property seizure and more.  Click the button below to learn more about the FMZ you will be visiting.  

Find your Ontario fishing trip 

Use our database to find a lake in Ontario holding the fish you want to catch with a place to stay that meets you and your families needs. 

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