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Definition of Terms

Just So We Are All On The Same Page……


We want to make sure you know what you are getting yourself into when you start your search for the best fishing vacation.  So with that in mind we want to give you some breakdown of the terms you will find when you search through the data base.




Housekeeping Cottages- A Housekeeping Cottage is a building that often stands alone or may be a duplex, that has bedrooms, some form of kitchen and most often, but not always, a washroom.  These units are usually stayed in by guests who intend to cook their own meals and eat in the cottage.  Staff may clean or tidy up the cottage during your stay but that isn't typical.  These could also be referred to as cabins or lodges.  Outposts are almost always “housekeeping”.


American Plan Cottages- An American Plan Cottage refers to accommodations that are often stand alone buildings, duplexes or units in a larger complex.  What makes these units unique is that guests receive meals as part of their stay.  The meals could be served in a main lodge, or delivered right to your cottage.  Some plans offer 2 meals cooked and served with a lunch, either packed for a day of fishing or the ingredients needed to make yourself a shore lunch with your catches from the morning.  Some American Plans also offer boat or equipment or even guide services as part of your stay but in the context of we specifically refer to the meal plan when we list “American Plan” in our database.  


RV Campground- A RV Campground is a campground where an RV or trailer can be brought and used by guests for accommodation.  Lots for RVs may or may not have electrical hookup.  RV Campgrounds may or may not have dumping stations.  It’s important to verify what facilities are available to make sure your needs are met.


Tent Campground-A Tent Campground is a place where lots are available for campers with tents to stay.  They often, but not always, have shower and washroom facilities available for use.  These sites may or may not have electrical hookups or running water.  It's important to verify what facilities are available to meet your needs.  


Motel/Hotel- A Motel/Hotel listing in our database refers to accommodations that are units in a larger complex.  It could be single rooms with shared washrooms in a larger building or suites with full kitchens and washrooms that are a part of a larger group of units in one overall building.


Access A.K.A "How Can I Get There"


Fly-In- Fly In camps and resorts are those places where flying in by float plane is one of the only, or the only method of accessing the accommodations.


Boat-In- Boat-in sites are those where guests arrive at a predetermined water access point and either get picked up in a boat by a provider or travel using their own boat to a site.  You will still need to drive to the access point in order to continue your journey by boat to the final destination.  


Drive In- Potential guests can drive directly to their final destination.


Train In- In Ontario there are several camps that are along passenger train routes.  Guests can take a train along with all of their gear for their trip.  The train stops at designated points along their route and guests disembark and are picked up by providers.  Providers then take guests to their final destination.




While most of the amenities we have listed in our database are self explanatory, there are a few that we want to clarify.  Also it is important to note that these amenities are not all inclusive of what may be available at a given location.  Any location in our database could have amenities that we simply have not listed due to size constraints.  


It should also be noted that amenities listed in our database may or may not be an extra cost to your stay.  If it is not clear based on the web page of a provider if there are costs associated with an amenity a potential guest is interested in, one should reach out to the provider directly for clarification.


Docking- A space on a shared dock or a private dock for guests to dock their boat.  This may or may not include launching a boat and does not include fuel or other services.


On-Site Equipment Rentals- On-site equipment rentals refers to things available by a provider for free or for a cost that guests may use as part of their stay.  Many camps and resorts offer use of kayaks, canoes, or paddle boats.  This could also include motor boats and other fishing related items.  These items could be both free or an extra cost depending on the resort.


On-Site Store- An on site store is typically a small place at a camp or resort where guests can purchase souvenirs, tackle, various sundries and some grocery items.  The availability of items for sale is at the complete discretion of the provider and they may or may not have the items you need at the time of your stay.


Guide Services-Guide services refers to a service whereby a professional fishing guide takes guests out for a fishing trip.  A provider may have guides on staff or may simply make the arrangements for a guide for guests.  Guide services may or may not be included in a fishing related package or may be extra to your stay.  It is important to ensure a guide is available at the time you are booking with your provider.


On-Site Fuel- On-site Fuel means that there is fuel for sale directly from the resort or camp.  This would be outside of the fuel that would be used by the provider for their rental equipment.  


On-Site Restaurant- On-Site Restaurant refers to eating facilities available to guests and/or the public outside of a meal plan.  This could be a food truck, a dine-in restaurant or pub.  These facilities may or may not be licensed for alcohol sales.


Ice Hut Rentals-Some camps and resorts offer ice hut rentals during the winter.  These are typically heated units on the ice where guests can fish.  It’s important to confirm availability with a potential provider prior to booking.


WiFi/Internet- Many providers offer some form of internet service on their property however it may or may not be high speed due to available services in their geographical area.  If internet access is important for your stay you should confirm with your provider before booking.  

A Word About Fish Species

We take care to be accurate about the kind of fishing you can expect from the lakes you are searching through.  Our information comes from the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry as well as from individual resorts and camps when available.  That said this doesn't guarantee those fish are easily catchable, after all it's called "fishing" not "catching".  

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