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Fishing Friendzy is proud to partner with

Fishing Friendzy

At Fish Easy we know that the key to keeping the sport of angling alive and well means investing in our youth.  By encouraging young folks and teaching them about conservation we can ensure that the tradition of fishing grows well into the future.  That's why we have decided to partner with Fishing Friendzy to help promote their youth fishing league and educational programs.


The Fishing Friendzy Youth Fishing League hosts events once a week in various parts of Southern Ontario where teams of young anglers learn the art of shoreline fishing from pros, hear from guest speakers and have a blast outdoors.  They also provide travelling exhibits for outdoor shows, fairs and exhibitions where young people can learn about the sport and have fun doing it.

Click the link below to visit their website and find dates for their events and how you can participate to help keep our favorite pastimes growing!

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